Varun Vig is an Art Director / Graphic Designer from New Delhi, India based in New York City. He designs to disrupt the idea of normal in the space of media, film, music and fashion. Varun is also a travel bug, having travelled 15 countries on his quest to explore the world and its many hidden mysteries. Having grown up in the Hip - Hop scene back in India, his love for sneakers, graffiti, dance and new subcultures define a big part of his aesthetic and style in his work and personality today. 

The founder of Phase 3 Collective and author of the book Phase 3, a Hip - Hop & youth media platform that gives a voice to the less fortunate through Hip-Hop education, dance, music and art. Varun has also devoted a majority of his time with working with several brands such as RedBull and Adidas Originals in the professional workspace and loves to collaborate with new and creative storytellers.  

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