I'm going to throw out an idea. Art is everything around us. This might not mean anything to the average person, but to me, this is something that I have based much of the way I observe and exist in the world on. Even walking (or for me skateboarding) on a daily commute to school can be a lively human experience when you grasp the idea that every individual you pass is just as incredibly complex and emotion-filled as you. The existence of humanity and the human experience are truly the most amazing works of art. These ideas of whimsicality, complexity, and interpersonal experience and connection are often the themes that I play with in my art, visually represented through abstract storytelling. These are the passions that push me to be an artist.​

My name is Isabella Li Kostrzewa, but I go by the nickname Izzy. I’m 19 and studying Design at the Parsons New School of design in NYC. I currently live in Manhattan but am from a town in Michigan called Mt. Pleasant(fire up chips!!) I love sustainability, art, reading, fashion, and am totally a typical New Yorker that loves jazz and coffee. I’m an RA at The New School, and on weekends I work as a tailor at the Levi’s in Soho. With my free time I like to make weird art or come up with performance art ideas, most of which I’d be too chicken to do. A fun fact about me is that I was a finalist on season 2 of Project Runway Jr! I've been going to summer camp my whole life and have been a camp lifeguard, and photographer before so I'm super excited to combine my love of camp and art together!

As I am currently studying fashion design at the Parsons school of design in new york city, I find myself incredibly lucky to be persuing the thing I love (art) surrounded at every corner by the thing I love(humanity). Although my relationship with the fashion industry is extremely rocky, and I often feel hopeless with the efforts to be more sustainable and humane within the industry, I genuinely believe that clothing and wearable art create some of the most beautifully complex visual stories and can reach the widest most passionate audiences. As an artist, not just a fashion designer, I believe in experimenting in all different forms of creation, from drawing and imaging to abstract forms of 3-D making to performance art. The reason I chose fashion design as my prominent medium is that I believe it encompasses all of these forms of creation into one complex unit that can inspire and shape culture.

Through fashion we can create characters, storylines, evoke feelings, and create memories. There are the questions we ask, and we those push ourselves to learn from. Who are we in the world, our cities, our communities? What are the things we stand for? what do we want to change in the world, or in ourselves? How do I tell these stores that I want to tell? How do we fall in love with each other, our objects, ourselves? After I develop strong enough design skills at school, I would like to go on to be a designer or creative director at a sustainable and inclusive brand. I want to inspire people through my garments and empower them.

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