Takahiro Nawashiro is a jazz guitarist, composer and educator from Japan who’s currently based in NYC. 

Takahiro’s future project is about expressing his own world with jazz harmony and the sound texture which is created by guitar synthesizer and sampling any types of sounds. He says “In this world, music become to be listened more in the place where the other sound doesn’t exist. But that used to be listened in the environment where the sound of nature, people talking and even the noise of construction exists. I believe that playing in the both environments really inspires musicians”. Therefore, in the project he’s trying to create a space where any kinds of sounds exist.  

Takahiro has been fascinated with the beauty of jazz harmony since his first exposure to jazz at the age of 18. Since then, he’s been trying to apply the harmonic ideas of jazz piano to the guitar. As a result, he was called for gigs as a sideman to play the harmony for bands and to accompany vocalists in Japan. When he was 22 years old, he got into Berklee College Of Music in Boston with scholarship and studied with Billy Kilson and Freddie Bryant. After spending 2 years at Berklee, he transferred to The New School with scholarship. He’s studied with many great musicians such as Reggie Workman, Peter Bernstein, Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, Linda Oh, Yotam Silberstein, Nir Felder, Mary Halvorson and so on. 

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